Well Drinking Water Purification System

Water Purification “WELL by Right Solution”. It is our 
3-stage-module-Purifier that is better perform than 
normal water filtration. Our filter system is a premier 
quality and unique product.


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WELL by Right Solution

WELL 3-stage-purifier is easy to install, clean filters.

1. The first stage is woven sediment filter to trap dirt, mud, sand,sludge in water.

2. The second stage is carbon block filter (CTO) to reduce color, taste and odor of chlorine in water.

3. The last step is special carbon block filter Pb1 that comprise of ion exchange matter and activated carbon to reduce the hardness of the water to prevent kidney stones. WELL water purifier could remove cyst, bacteria and heavy metals from lead-contaminated with water.

It leads them to a highest quality product. The strong points of WELL 3 stage Water Purifier is comprised of KX filter technology from outstanding manufacturer in United

State of America that it promote filtration capacity upto 3 times comparing with standard filters.

Please check the label before purchasing on packaging, representative and sole agent in Thailand by Right Solution Public Company Limited.

  • Certified by National Organization that our product is recognized and assured. The certification of drinking water International (NSF), WQA Gold Seal and Standard Filters used in food and medicine (FDA), including the accreditation of quality by European Standard (RoHS), which was not found banned substances in products contaminated filters KX. In addition, it is also certified to international standards of operations leading to health and the environment of USA. The highest standards of product water filters California Proposition 65, which is Filter (Water Filter) produced from materials and components to meet standards for drinking water by controlling the production and quality of products in every step. Without the impurity and unclean substances are toxic.
  • Reasonable price for highest quality filter in worldwide.
  • Get a better life through safe and healthy drinking water
  • “WELL” is durable, light weight, easy maintenance
  • Modern style as decorative accessory in residental area.

The capacity of filtration upto 22,000 litre comparing with normal filters only 6,000-8,000 litre. Furthuremore, the cyst and bacteria was removed by WELL highly performance in water purification


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