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Company Profile

Right Solution Public Company Limited, or "RSP" was registered and operated in Thailand since 23 April 2001 with target a commitment to sales, marketing, and research development. Focus on product development with excellent services and expand a new group of products that meet customers' needs, which leads to a rapid expansion of the company. It was registered as a public company since 2 July 2012, for a period of only 14 years from the company's first establish until it was registered as a "public company."

Your Plant...We Care your plant We take care

We are a manufacturer, dealer, import, and service of chemical products for water treatment and petrochemical systems, industrial waste management. The company also provided engineering products, such as a cooling system, chilled and frozen conveyor, stainless steel generator, machinery, and food and beverage industry equipment. This includes engineering work such as cleaning various systems pipes, tanks, and other production processes by mechanical and chemical methods with a expert team and professional marketers long with a group of engineers and skilled workers. With our experience and expertise in each product and service group of the company personnel, we strive to deliver professional service, consult, design, control the production process, assembly, and install, punctually and meet customer satisfaction.

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