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Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

The company provides consultation, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and sales of new cooling tower system and spare parts for both counter flow and cross flow. These are good heat ventilation systems. Materials made of cooling tower are strong, durable, attractive, and trouble-free. In addition, the company offers end to end designing solutions of piping, valve, and pump for cooling tower with one-year warranty and twice cleaning service free of charge for the new installed cooling tower. “Choose value, choose Right Cool cooling tower.”Maintenance Services: care, parts replacement, and improvement of cooling tower system.Cleaning Services: cleaning of entire cooling tower system, pipes, valves, pumps, and machines, life time extension and cooling performance improvement.

Email :
Tel. : 02 948 4242 (+662 948 4242)
Mobile. : +669 4641 5424

LINE OA : @rightsolution

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