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“No pollution ,
Save environmental
with Right Solution
Activated Carbon”
Activate Carbon

Activated Carbon is made from the finest quality raw materials, production control is standardized. We focus on every step of the production process meticulously to obtain quality activated carbon. We also value research and development to Improve product quality and the manufacturing process as well as the attention to the selection of packaging used to store goods. To prevent contamination and keep the quality of the product as standard as fresh Carbon from production.

   Right Solution is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of Activated carbon with free consultation service by experienced engineering team and scientists whom make you more confident of the correct selection to match with your quality needs and appropriate for your production process. The company also provides activated carbon service to regenerate spent Activated carbon in recovery process as an alternative to the save environment. reduce using natural resources in a cost effective way and save on your production costs hugely.

   The company supply a wide range of activated carbon, such as Powder, Granular and Extruded, with high adsorption efficiency suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry, dye industry, energy industry and many others.

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Special grade activated carbon  Suitable for treatment in the petrochemical industry. oil refinery Natural gas separation plants, power plants, water production plants heavy industry

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High quality activated carbon is a product used in various industrial plants such as wastewater treatment systems. Water production systems for use in industrial plants


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